Treatment Name: Stress Reduction

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: Mixed Breed / Domestic

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Stress has been linked to a number of diseases and also increases likelihood of destructive behaviour!




United Kingdom

Posted Apr. 23, 2018

Stress has been linked to a number of urinary problems including cystitis, urinary blockage and inappropriate urinations (marking). Stress is also linked to number of destructive behaviours.

It can be difficult to decrease stress and it depends on that is causing the problem. Common examples include: New cat or dog in the house? New baby or family member? Other cats using your garden? Decoration or construction work in the house? Moved house? New diet? New cat litter tray? Not enough litter trays? Not cleaning litter trays often enough?

Easy ways to decrease stress in the home:
1. Consider pheromone therapy- e.g. Feliway plug in or collar
2. Make sure there are extra litter trays in quiet places for EACH cat
3. Make sure litter trays are cleaned regularly
4. Make sure your cat has a den to hide or safe place
5. Some cats like have a place up high to relax and watch
6. Provide scratch posts
7. Mental and physical stimulation- cat nip, cat toys, daily play interaction

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Thanks so much for this interesting review. Our male cat (neutered) has been spraying in our guest room. I think he got stressed out when our daughter visited and brought her cat. And then a house-sitter brought her bird! We've closed off the room to prevent more episodes, but I'm thinking of trying one of the pheromone therapies next.

April 23rd, 2018 at 09:33 pm