Treatment Name: Daily Gentle Handling

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

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When to start and how to begin handling?

Jelena Pavlovic




Posted Mar. 28, 2018

Once your rat gets used to your smell by giving treats to them (-- see first my review about socializing with humans - food rewards) you may start handling your pet.

When buying rats from breeders thay may be used to handling, but they still are not used to you; when they were not pickt up before, they may need some more time and patience to get used to it.

Let your rat come out of her cage on her own, and then slowly pick her up. Do not scare them by putting your whole hand into the cage and forcing the rat to be in your hand. She has to understand that you will not harm but treat them. Once they are in your hand, give them a treat.

Do this often but for a short time (maybe a minute), it can happen that your rat doesn't enjoys the handling from the beginig, this is why you should do it for a short time, and reward your pet, so she understands this as a good thing and something to look forward.

You will raise the time of handling once in a while. Also be sure to talk to your pet, so they get used to your voice.
When your rat becomes comfortable in your hands, you may let them own and play with toys.

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