Treatment Name: Remote Controlled Collars

Treatment Type: Training Products

Rated for: Australian Cattle Dog / Border Collie Mix

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You can make so many problems so much worse with E collars




Alberta, Canada

Posted Mar. 10, 2018

These collars are so often misused, poorly used, used with bad timing, inappropriately used, no abused. Unless you have training on how to properly use an e-collar you have no business every touching one. If a dog trainer ever puts one on your dog and hands you the remote, fire them immediately.
In the words of a world-renowned trainer:

To use shock as an effective dog training method you will need:

A thorough understanding of canine behaviour.
A thorough understanding of learning theory.
Impeccable timing.
And if you have those three things, you don't need a shock collar.

by Dr. Ian Dunbar

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