Treatment Name: Dog Muzzles

Treatment Type: Training Products

Rated for: Rottweiler / German Shepherd Dog Mix

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Muzzles can give handlers the confidence required




Alberta, Canada

Posted Mar. 9, 2018

Muzzles for the most part a bandaid and not a long term or permanent solution for controlling a problem. However, they will give the handler the confidence of knowing the dog is unable to bite while wearing one so they can more effectively focus on the training that needs to be done to remedy the problem.
The biggest problem people have with muzzles, is they buy one and come home and put it on the dog and think if they let them fight it out, they will eventually give up and get used to the muzzle. This is not effective! A muzzle should never have a negative connotation to it. Dogs need to be properly muzzled trained using treats and comfortable with the idea of putting their face in the muzzle on their own before strapping it on. Unfortunately, too often muzzles are misused. A dog should gradually built up over time to be comfortable before begining further training or addressing issues. When the dog is comfortable wearing the muzzle, then they can actually focus on what training is being done and not stressing about the thing attached to their face.
The second biggest problem I find with muzzles is that people are using the incorrect types.
Basket style muzzles- allow a dog to breathe properly, pant, show aggression (as opposed to just suppressing it), they can also drink with it on and you can slide treats up through the bars for rewards. Dogs can safety be exercised in a basket muzzle and are ideal for walks, runs, use at the dog park, around the house and other animals as there is no contact allowed, the bars will prevent a bite completely. The muzzle does need to be fitted correctly to be effective. There are more suitable for wearing for more than a few minutes.
Soft Muzzles- are NOT appropriate for any exercise or extended periods of time. They are ONLY meant to be used in a vet type setting for a procedure that should only take a few minutes (injections, nail cutting, sedation, handling during an exam etc.). The dogs breathing is impacted and should only have a soft muzzle on for a few minutes.

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