Treatment Name: Dog Sports

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: Labrador Retriever / English Springer Spaniel Mix

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Easy to use
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Antidote for some bad behaviors




Alberta, Canada

Posted Mar. 9, 2018

All dogs were originally purpose bred for something (hunting, retrieving, herding, guarding etc.) before we just decided to pick a cute puppy because we like the looks of them. Dogs brains are hard-wired to function in a specific capacity, based on what they were bred for. They NEED a natural release to perform these instincts. We can try our hardest to prevent a Jack Russel from digging, or a hound from following its nose but we will usually fail and be upset with our dog when they naturally seek out their own ways to release these instinctive behaviors. A much better, healthier option is to ALLOW them to do these things, in a controlled environment. They will have natural satisfaction as a job well done. We will see a reduction in these unwanted behaviors at inappropriate time and more control over them in general.

Use your dog's natural abilities to your advantage. Put them in a sport that suits their breeds characteristics, get a better handle on these instincts and have a much more positive relationship with your dog.

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