Treatment Name: Exercise: Daily Aerobic Exercise

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

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Run, jump, chase, repeat!




Huntington Beach, California, United States

Posted Mar. 1, 2018

Huskies MUST have adequate exercise and mental stimulation to live a happy, healthy life. Lack of consistent activity can lead to destructive behaviors and an unhappy home. We try to provide our huskies with a variety of mental and physical challenges daily but we have our MUST activities and our "plus" activities. Walking, running and chasing a ball are mandatory each day, with three or more trips to the local dog park where our "pack" animals can socialize and run freely for a half hour at a time. Huskies have needs that are unique to the breed. Both of our kids have an internal clock that regulates even their bedtime. Every night at 8:30 our male comes and stands in front of me, waiting to bed "put to bed." Before we found out how important it is to wear our babies out, we had to deal with digging all over the yard, destructive chewing and constant escape attempts. Huskies are the Houdini's of dogs! They are notorious for their separation anxiety. Our huskies, unlike the other breeds we have owned, crave routines. This does not mean they are rigid or inflexible, in fact they are always up for a fun new game or activity, but they were bred to be working dogs and they must have adequate physical activities to thrive. We have used a variety of "fetch" toys and our kids like a good game of tug-o-war (with each other) but their favorite is pulling "sled-like" objects our friend Jake around on his long board. The thing to keep foremost in you mind when owning a husky is that they need adequate space (large back yard or dog park) and enough of your time on a daily basis to "work" them, wear them out and stimulate their need to please you, whether that is retrieving a ball 400 times or learning an obstacle course routine that involves using all their large muscles on a regular basis. Working huskies are happy huskies.

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