Great Aid to help with Training and Behavioral Issues




Alberta, Canada

Posted Feb. 13, 2018

Mental stimulation is essential for all dogs, no matter the breeds. Dogs need to be fit in mind and body. Food dispensing toys make an excellent distraction for behavioral issues. Offer your dog a food dispensing toy at a time they would be offering a "bad behavior" like barking, digging, jumping on company, begging at the table etc. By offering them an appropriate activity (the food dispensing toy) as a distraction you are preventing them from performing the bad behavior and reinforcing them for being quiet, minding their manners and keeping their nose out of trouble. This is a great way to help pass some time during kennel training, when you're away from the house, keep anxious dogs busy, and provide stress relief and boredom. I highly recommend switching out feeding your dog in a regular bowl for a variety of food dispensing toys instead. The Kong wobbler is a great example of an everyday use/starter toy. You may need to help your dog get started using one so they don't just try chewing the toy apart to get to the food, this will require you showing them how to use it. Supervision is required.

You do not need to fill these toys with high fat treats. Instead opt for toys that are easy to fill with kibble and mix in a few higher value treats. When selecting toys, they should be able to open making them easier to clean.

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