Treatment Name: Training Skills: Agility Training

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Pomeranian

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Great bonding experience.

Lauren Duke



San Marcos, Texas, United States

Posted Dec. 16, 2017

I love dog sports! It's so amazing what a dog can do. Young or old, there's a sport that your dog can enjoy.
I have experience in agility. It's something my 10 year old, still hyper, Pomeranian has really taken to. It's mentally and physically stimulating for her AND me. My dog is figuring out a whole new way of being athletic and responding to me. I'm learning a whole new way of training and communicating with her. There's so much to executing an agility run: body language, voice commands, physical obstacles, speed, other dogs/distractions around. A dog in agility benefits greatly from having basic good manners and obedience. There never seems to be a shortage of things to learn and fine-tune.
Getting your dog proper exercise and stimulation can help with so many basic issues. A tired dog with a job is the happiest dog. Dog sports give you a chance to really give your dog the attention and praise they crave, and gives them a good work out, too.
Their downfall would be price and availability. If you are trying to get into the more obscure dog sports, it may be a little difficult to find a place to practice. The practice clubs cost money, or you can invest in your own equipment. The cost for training equipment varies a lot, but even just a small investment can give you and your dog many tools to keep you busy.
Be sure to do proper warm ups/cool downs with your dog. Think of them as a little athlete, and they can get injured with doing something that may not come completely naturally, at speed.
With enough love, positive reinforcement, and patience, your dog will be open to learning anything you set your mind to. The result will be a more fulfilled dog and a stronger bond for both of you.

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