Treatment Name: Basic Obedience Training Classes

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: German Shepherd Dog

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Easy to use
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Consistency is necessary

DVM Ivana Vukasinovic



Posted Dec. 11, 2017

Obedience training can mean many things from simple commands such as 'sit', 'come' etc, to agility practice or competition level obedience or even level needed for service dogs.
Basic training can be done by anyone (owner, trainer, third party) and it can last from 3 to 10 weeks, but, consistency and persistence are the most important part.

Dog can be tough great variety of things; how to behave in public, to walk by the owner, not pulling the leash, in the terms of escaping it can be tough boundaries (physical such as yard borders or imaginative such as the distance it can move away from the owner when not on the leash).

There are many ways of training a dog, by different kinds of devices (collars, clickers, electric collars, whistles), by positive reinforcement, etc.

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