Treatment Name: Training Skills: Puppy Socialization

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

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Posted Dec. 9, 2017

One of the most important, if not THE most important part in your dogs life is to correctly socialize them in puppy hood. If not it can lead to aggression not only towards other but to yourself!
I have a very suborn breed of dog and as such a strong hand is needed.
One of the techniques I used to stop food aggression and possessiveness is every time my dog ate i would put my hand into the bowl and take it from him to claim it as mine, to show I am the leader of the pack, the same thing applies with toys.
Another important thing, if you see your puppy jumping on other dogs very aggressively or mounting them it could be an early sign of dominance in which case you should stop it so he plays nice.
I am saying all of this from personal experience and I hope it helps you.

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