Treatment Name: Contoured, Memory Foam Saddle Pads

Treatment Type: Tack

Rated for: Thoroughbred

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Easy to use
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Helps my sensitive OTTB




Huntsville, Alabama, United States

Posted Nov. 27, 2017

My OTTB has a difficult to fit back and is very sensitive to any shift in my weight. I have an EcoGold saddle pad with memory foam and a layer of cooling mesh underneath that I swear by! The mesh keeps him cool, while the memory foam conforms to both his back and the bottom of my saddle. It helps cushion him if I make a mistake and keeps him up through his back both on the flat and over jumps. There is a visible difference in his attitude when I use this over other types of pads! I wouldn't like mine as much without the cooling mesh, except for in the winter perhaps. Very thankful to have that mesh in the hot and humid Alabama summers!

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