Treatment Name: Training Methods: Desensitization (Sacking Out)

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

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Desensitizing and Groundwork is so Essential




Posted Nov. 27, 2017

When I first started working with horses on my granddad's ranch, I noticed that he still used age old methods, like tying the horse's hind leg to the post to shoe it, medicating them in the cattle crush pen. I started researching on the internet for alternative, more positive methods. My granddad didn't know how to use a computer, nevermind researching things on the internet. I watched quite a few professionals' videos, studied their methods and then used what I had learnt on our own horses. I used whatever methods worked, even if I had to combine some of them. Always only positive methods, never ones that were based on fear and dominance but rather respect and a close bond with the animal.
One of the first methods I showed to my granddad was having the horses stand to be shod. Something he had been struggling with for years. I used a combination of Monty Roberts, Buck Brannaman and even Clinton Anderson's methods to get the results I wanted: horses that would stand quietly, calmly and without fear for the farrier to shoe them.
Desensitizing was a big part in my groundwork with the horses, and this is where I realized early on how big a role desensitizing played in just about everything in horses, and how it had to start from the ground up first, to the saddle next.

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