Treatment Name: Training Methods: Tying Up

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Arabian

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Posted Nov. 27, 2017

Tying a horse and expecting it to stand there quietly without a fuss right off the bat, might be a very bad idea with most horses not used to it. You have to train the horse to stand quietly, it has to be taught to not fight the rope. If your groundwork is a success, then tying the horse up in the trailer will be a success to. Be patient, take your time but don't use methods that are based on fear. Make it a positive experience. And don't hesitate to use a combination of methods that you may have seen professionals use. Perhaps you liked something Pat Parelli did but perhaps that one thing Clinton Anderson did might work too if combined. Whoever you choose, combine the methods if need be, but ultimately, find something that will work for your horse to achieve a calm and co-operative companion. Also, tying up goes great with desensitizing exercises so that your horse won't spook and break something in its attempt to get away from something scary.

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