Treatment Name: Training Theories: Positive Reinforcement

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Thoroughbred

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Stress-free and Calm




Posted Nov. 27, 2017

All animals learn from the release of pressure. Whatever makes them feel safe is the thing that they're going to do. So by using positive methods to teach your horse not to fear the trailer, is the way to successful loading and unloading. Make them want to be in the trailer by perhaps letting them rest near the trailer, then on the ramp, then half way into the trailer and eventually inside the trailer. Don't close the trailer on the first few attempts. Leave the doors open so they won't feel trapped. My granddad used to park the trailer in the field and only feed them inside the trailer. That was a method that worked for him. He had a horse that would jump onto the cow trailer as he drove around the grazing field. Give them no reason to fear or resent something, and you'll have a happy and calm horse.

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