Treatment Name: Electric Massage Devices (Handheld)

Treatment Type: Medical Devices

Rated for: Toy Fox Terrier

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Socializing lowers depression




Posted Nov. 25, 2017

Working with high-strung animals has taught me the importance of socializion in lowering anxiety and depression. Animals take their cues from us. If we seem hyper-vigilant, they will pick p on it and become tense as well. One of the best ways to reduce anxiety is through touch. Massage therapy helps your pets to master their moods while providing a relaxing, stress-free environment for you as well. When you make this time a habit, you can use it to introduce new pets, people and situations. Rolyon makes a product you can find on Amazon which works a treat. They have a Mini Massager and a micro mini with interchangeable ehads at reasonable prices. Originally created for scar tissue, these also can be used on the smallest pets and are quiet to boot.

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