Treatment Name: Training Skills: Puppy Socialization

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

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The Most Vital First Part of a Puppy's Life




Posted Nov. 23, 2017

Dogs may have come from wild ancestors but they aren't wild anymore. They do not live in the wild or act like wild animals do. They share homes with us, personal space; they are dependent on us for so many things. Even so, in the wild there were rules too and they were enforced regularly. And thus, that responsibility now falls on us. We are the puppy's new pack, we are the alpha leaders, and we must make the puppy feel save, loved, give it a purpose and above all, teach it the rules of the 'den'. Leaving a puppy to grow up with a few stern "no's" here and there, is NOT teaching the puppy anything. It is a daily commitment; today's rules are tomorrow's rules are the future's rules. We cannot yip or nip the puppy to reprimand it, but our voices and body language speak volumes on its own.
Thus, it is up to every single owner out there to really think twice about adopting a puppy if you know you will not be able to invest in your puppy's daily training and continuous reinforcing of rules.
Left to their own devices, they can become quite destructive and very unhappy beings.

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