Treatment Name: Training Methods: Liberty Work (Roundpenning)

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Arabian

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Round Pen Work for Multiple Issues

Emily S



Posted Nov. 18, 2017

Round pen work is a great way to engage your horse in a variety of exercises and activities. You can add poles, tarps, obstacles or just keep it basic. You can use this to establish respect in horse's who may bite, kick, rear, bolt or strike out. The pen is a great tool and one of the most versatile.

When using a round pen, be sure to take precaution and stay safe. When working with young horses, take it easy so you do not spook them and send them into a panel. When working with aggressive horses, mind your space and if needed stay close to the gate for escape.

The round pen is a tool that really allows a horse to figure things out for themselves, you are there to guide them, not force the to do anything. When a horse is fearful of an object, you can use the pen to help desensitize them. If they fear humans, you can use it to help them relax. It is flexible and forgiving.

The best route to making your round pen training successful is to target the issue you want to overcome, and research the best round pen practices for that specific problem.

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