Treatment Name: Tryptophan (L-tryptophan)

Treatment Type: Herbal and Nutritional Supplements

Rated for: Thoroughbred x Welsh Pony Cross

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Posted Nov. 15, 2017

My horse can be super reactive to his environment, which in turn used to make me hyper-vigilant about what might set him off.

We're always being told as riders to be the calm one who gives confidence to our horses. But many times this is easier said than done!

I have a friend who keeps her horse at my farm and is much braver than me about trying out new situations with him. One of the reasons I wanted her to board with me was because I knew she would encourage me to creep out of my comfort zone and that of my gelding.

But in order to be the calm rider I need to be, I now give my horse 500 mg of L-Trytophan daily, in pellet form. Together with correct feeding, where I know that he's getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals through a balanced diet, this supplement has been invaluable.

My Thoroughbred Cross is now calm on trail rides. I can ask him to trot or canter and he behaves like a true gentleman.

Recently I was out in a horse park with a friend whose usually laid back mare suddenly stopped and wouldn't go any farther.That's normally my horse's reaction to something he doesn't like! He did stop, but it took very little coaxing for me to get him going forwards again, and he was the lead horse in a situation where I've previously had the scaredy-cat horse and needed to follow a braver one.

I was elated! Since then he has become Mr.Reliable on trail rides and because he's calmer I'm calmer, too. We feed off each other's relaxed state.

When I took him with a group of 14 other horses to go swimming in the river - my first time bareback on him, and the first time swimming for us both - I couldn't believe how chilled he was. He walked into the water and out into the deep without a second thought. I was stunned. When the ground gave way and he had to swim he simply got on with the job as if he'd been doing all his life.

I highly recommend this supplement for owners whose horses need help with calming down.

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