Treatment Name: Pessoa Lunging System

Treatment Type: Tack

Rated for: Thoroughbred x Welsh Pony Cross

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A Fantastic Training Tool!




Posted Nov. 8, 2017

I was given the Pessoa Lunging System as a 'thank you' gift from someone I lent my horse to for a major dressage show.

I'd heard of it but didn't really appreciate its value until my instructor began using hers on a stiff and badly trained horse that came to her barn. The owner had given up on the gelding and wanted my trainer to find a new home for him.

She used the Pessoa Lunging System on the horse for the first month.

What a transformation! The pretty gray went from a tense, tight bundle of unhappy nerves to a horse with correct muscling, relaxed and rhythmic gaits. She bought him!

This versatile lunging system can be adjusted to every level of roundness and collection. It makes the horse work very hard, so shouldn't be used for more than twenty minutes, which the instructions make clear.

The system encourages the horse to use his hind end, instead of simply addressing his front end, which the traditional type of lunge tends to do. Over time and as the horse's muscle tone and strength increases, he can be asked for more elevation.

It is also useful for creating relaxation and roundness in a horse prior to mounting.

I use it to vary my horse's schedule. And because he doesn't have to work for very long in it he gives me his all during the short time he needs to apply himself.

I have to give this system three and a half stars for ease of use because it does demand some brain power to put on the horse correctly. The more often one uses it the easier it is to remember what goes where.

I would also suggest having a second person help with ensuring the horse is comfortable with the sheepskin covered rope that goes just above his hocks. I've seen horses kick out against the funny feel of it.

But once a horse is used to it, this is a great training tool.

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