Treatment Name: Likit Tongue Twister


Treatment Type: Training Products

Rated for: Thoroughbred x Welsh Pony Cross

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Posted Nov. 8, 2017

Callow Double Clover, my husband's gentle Irish Sport Horse, had a history of injuring himself.

First he pulled both front tendons shortly after we bought him as a five year old. Our vet told us that they were already going before he arrived on our farm.

As anyone whose horse has suffered this injury knows, it involves six months of stall rest. True, during the last three of those he can be hand walked, then start being walked under saddle. But there is NO turnout.

This is hard on most horses anyway, but for one that is used to at least eight hours of turnout a day with his buddies, it is especially tough.

CD, as we called him, then pulled his deep digital flexor tendon because he was taken on a three hour trail ride while we were on vacation, when he'd been out of work for three months. (Cautionary tale here, everyone!)

Then my horse sprained a suspensory ligament and needed six weeks in confinement.

In all of these situations I needed to find whatever I could to alleviate my horses' boredom. Otherwise they were going to hurt themselves by going nuts in their stalls!

So I bought a TON of Likit Tongue Twisters and refills.

I soon learned that they wouldn't last more than five minutes if I didn't hang them in such a way that the horse couldn't press them against the bars to access the treats inside. The trick is to have them hang loosely where the horse can get to them but has to work very hard to get to the yummy core.

Even so, you'd be surprised at how fast a horse learns to make the treat disappear!

I was concerned about the amount of pure sugar my horses were ingesting because of how many Likits I had to put out for them. So I alternated the refills with healthy snacks like apples and root vegetables. I made holes through the center and threaded the food onto the rod between the top and lower rings to keep the food in place.

The checkout staff at my local grocery store soon learned to say "For your horse?" whenever I bought loads of unusual root vegetables that forced us both to learn their names!

Likit have definitely come up with a valuable method of helping horses get through that tedious time of stall rest.

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