Treatment Name: Behavior Modification: Counterconditioning

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Mastiff

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Counter conditioning is only effective for preventing leash pulling if the cause of the pulling is some form of aversion or fear

Caitlin Crittenden



Posted Nov. 8, 2017

Counter Conditioning is very effective for treating fearful emotions and many of the unwanted responses that are rooted in fears, but it will not help most cases of leash pulling. Other forms of training that teach following and attention are much more effective for most dogs.
The exception to this is if the leash pulling is due to fear or an aversion to something. If the dog is pulling on the leash in an attempt to escape something, then dealing with the dog's fear or fears through Counter Conditioning the dog's emotional response towards that fear could help the leash pulling significantly. The dog may still pull for other reasons, such as excitement ,instincts, or simply not knowing where they should be walking. When that is the case additional forms of training will still be needed to solve the leash pulling, but the use of Counter Conditioning to relieve fear responses will significantly increase the effectiveness of that heel training.

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