Treatment Name: Training Theories: Positive Reinforcement Training

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Anatolian Shepherd Dog

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Posted Nov. 4, 2017

Whatever methods you use to indicate that a certain behavior is undesirable, when the dog adjusts, be sure to BOTH give it a treat that it enjoys AND, even more importantly, give it positive attention and reinforce that that is good behavior. The latter is more important, so don't worry about having run out of treats in your pocket; just be sure to follow-through in the moment when the behavior is occurring. If they are quiet, you need to, while careful not to undermine any recent reprimand for barking, reinforce that they are now being good for being quiet. In this case, positive attention is best, as it is naturally preferable by them to the recent negative attention, and you do not want them to associate treats with them barking until being told not to.

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