Treatment Name: Cognitive Support Supplement Formulas


Treatment Type: Herbal and Nutritional Supplements

Rated for: Thoroughbred x Welsh Pony Cross

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Daily Help for My Gelding




Posted Nov. 3, 2017

My gelding may be crossed with a Welsh Pony, but he is three quarters Thoroughbred, which tends to become obvious when he's in a stressful situation!

He's very intelligent but can overthink things - a lot like his rider, in fact. So I set out to find a natural product, that he could take long term without any side effects, to help him stay calm. I also didn't want him to be sedated, as that would negatively impact his performance ability and be potentially dangerous.

I give him high grade panax ginseng daily, made from the whole root of the plant . It reduces nervousness and stress, improves his confidence and enhances his performance.

If you are taking your horse to a schooling show, you can give your horse extra the night before and the day of the event.

I have used panax ginseng successfully for many years on my horse for all our disciplines: dressage, show jumping and one day events.

However, when I checked with the FEI, I was told that ginseng is not allowed for their recognized shows. I have to take my horse off it for seven days prior to the competition for it to get out of his system.

So I have devised a strategy that works well. Since the ginseng is much cheaper, I have my horse on that for every day and for schooling shows. For the day of a recognized event, and the seven days leading up to it, when he can't be taking ginseng, I use Ramard's Total Calm & Focus. This product is more expensive but is FEI legal and extremely effective.

My horse therefore gets the help he needs to stay calm and confident at whatever type of show I take him to. And knowing that keeps me calm and focused, too!

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