Treatment Name: Head Halters / Collars

Treatment Type: Training Products

Rated for: American Pit Bull Terrier

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Easy to use
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Mixed effectiveness at managing aggression depending on the dog, it will not cure the aggression

Caitlin Crittenden



Posted Nov. 2, 2017

I have seen head halters work well at managing dog related aggression by preventing the dog form escalating into lunging and pulling, and by interrupting the dog's thought process by interrupting their vision. It will not teach the dog without lots of other training to not feel aggressive though and will not make an aggressive dog safe likely, but it can help you manage the dog's aggressive outbursts when out on a walk and get the dog's attention back onto you, the owner, by giving you control of where the dog's vision is and preventing pulling and lunging.
On the flip side, it can also have the opposite effect and cause a dog so much stress and frustration that the dog's aggression can get worse and the outbursts be more dramatic. This seems to be more likely with very visual dogs. Dog's who are bred to depend heavily on their sight or who are mixed and have inherited those certain traits. This tends to be likely with certain herding breeds and possibly sight hounds. These dogs often depend on their sight to watch what is around them and also to interact with the world through their eye contact. Having their vision obstructed can cause a lot of stress because it leaves them defenseless when they do not know whether they are about to be attacked and it removes their own ability to communicate or intimidate with a stare.

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