Treatment Name: One Ear Bridles

Treatment Type: Tack

Rated for: American Quarter Horse

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Easy to use
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Good for Daily Use

Emily S



Posted Oct. 16, 2017

One eared bridles or headstalls are great for training and the trail. If you find a good brand that makes a supple, strong bridle with reliable hardware, you can use it daily for years with maintenance and care.

This style is also commonly used in the show ring. These, however, are typically covered in silver or silver plated and are only used for show. If you purchase one of these bridles, be sure to keep them in a bridle bag when not in use and clean them often. Do not use a show bridle to train in.

Finding a good fit is key for these type of bridles. The one major con they can have is slipping off if not fitted correctly, or constructed poorly. No one wants a loose horse, so making sure you find a reputable brand and correct fit is a must!

Sizes vary from company to company. Measuring your horse and matching up these measurements to the one ear bridle you are considering is more work. However, it can be worth it in the long run. Rather than guessing based on breed, height or weight, you can be certain it will fit with measurements. Another option is measuring your old bridle if it fits well and base it off of those.

Make sure the leather is good and the hardware is solid by reading reviews if available, or talking to friends who have bought the brand before. Dry, cracking leather can lead to breakage on the ride or the bridle falling off. Cheap hardware can snap, and the last thing you want is to lose control of your horse!

If you need a simple solution for trails or work, consider the one ear bridle. It can get the job done quickly and efficiently!

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