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How to deal with New Year's Eve fireworks

Luca Trainer



Posted Sep. 8, 2017

Your dog is likely to get affected by stress as much as you are. Most common causes for stress in dogs are: excessive training, loud noises, not enough rest, too much time spent away from their owners, lack of exercise and so on. Some of these problems are easy to resolve, for example lack of exercise: if you don’t have time to walk your dog, a good way to resolve this is by taking him to a day care or by hiring a pet sitter/dog walker.
Other stress-related issues are more complicated to resolve, one of these for example is the excessive noise, due to fireworks, on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately you can’t just tell your neighbours, or kids around the block, not to use them, but there is something you can do to help minimise the stress that your dog experiences:
- Get your dog, in a gentle way, used to noises before the arrival of the festivities: the sound of a hoover, a walk in an area with traffic, music and so on. This needs to be done cautiously and without being excessive.
- Make sure your dog is crate trained, so he can go in the crate if he is in discomfort.
- Don’t hug or cuddle him too much when the fireworks are on, otherwise you will make him feel even more insecure; he will actually think that there is something really bad going on, that’s why you are keeping him so tight to yourself.
- The best solution would be, of course, for you to take him out of town, or the noisy area where you are, but unfortunately this is not always possible so don’t blame yourself if this is the case.

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