Treatment Name: Training Methods: Tying Up

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Arabian x American Saddlebred Cross

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Best to start them young!




Posted Sep. 29, 2017

Learning to tie should be something that is taught when teaching a horse to lead. Teaching a young horse to give in to or move off of pressure can start at a very young age, and will help tremendously when teaching them to tie. When certain horses are prone to "sitting back", it can be a very tough thing to break them of. In fact, you may never. I have 2 horses that are full brothers, and their mother did it, and they both do it. It's crazy, but I think it's genetic. They will cross-tie and go on a walker, but on occasion, they will sit back when tied directly. So, teach them young, and you will be off to a better start. As with most methods in training.

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