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How to easily house train your dog

Luca Trainer



Posted Sep. 8, 2017

House training is something that every dog owner has had to go through, most times without much dog training knowledge and patience. There are dozens of methods you can use to teach your dog but you will achieve better and faster results by using Positive Reinforcements.
By shouting at your dog or rubbing his nose in his own (?), you will only stress him and yourself, jeopardizing your relationship and bond. By using Positive Reinforcements you will simply do the opposite instead.
There are a few effective steps you can follow:
- The most important thing is to reward your dog when he goes to toilet in the garden or when you are out walking him; keep a few treats in your pocket or bring out his favorite toy. If you don’t have anything on you, simply make a big fuss when he releases himself by praising/petting/cuddling him.
- If your dog is really young, try to bring him out as often as possible, every other hour or so.
- Make sure he ALWAYS has access to fresh water, even before going to bed (teach him to use an old carpet or rag if he needs to go to the toilet during the night; this applies for young or elderly dogs alike).
- If he evacuates inside the house, especially if he does it in front of you, don’t scold him nor clean it in front of him; clean up after him once he is out of the room and use a product that covers the smell.
This process shouldn’t take too long, for some dogs is a matter of a few days, for others it may take a bit long; just be patient and learn how to understand your dog, by reading the signals he is sending to you.

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