Treatment Name: Crate Training

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: American Water Spaniel

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Luca Trainer



Posted Sep. 8, 2017

The first concern for dog owners, when it comes to crate training, is whether this is a cruel way to train your dog. My usual answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! The important thing is to start at an early age, following this advice:
- Keep the crate in a room where you often spend time when at home, for example your living room.
- At the beginning, let your dog go in and out the crate as he pleases.
- Leave in the crate a t-shirt of yours, an old one will do; the smell on it will make the dog feel more comfortable.
- Water is a must in the crate and I don’t personally recommend to leave food inside, unless you want to give your dog a bone or something to chew on.
It is also perfectly fine to use the crate when your dog misbehaves, most people think it is not but try to think of it this way: when you were a kid your mum must have told you, and probably more than once, to go to your room after you did something wrong, and I am pretty sure this didn’t make you hate your room. It works the same with dogs, by putting them in the crate you will make them calm down and give them time to reflect and learn, as long as you follow these few rules:
- The crate must be in the same room, or a room close by, as you are; don’t punish your dog by leaving him alone in the basement.
- If your dog misbehaves don’t send him to the crate right away, let it to go the first couple of times.
- Don’t keep him in the crate for too long and absolutely do not shout at him while is in the crate.
- Avoid the use of the crate if the room is full of people or dogs.

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