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Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: Bulldog

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Something fun for you and your dog

Luca Trainer



Posted Sep. 23, 2017

Hide and seek, playing fetch, playing with a Frisbee…there are infinite possibilities when it comes to games you can play with your dog. Some of these are not just fun, they are also very important for teaching your dog the right behavior. Teaching for example how to release the ball when playing fetch, is important in case your dog is chewing something he shouldn’t and you are asking him not to.
Every game you play with your dog also strengthens the bond between you two. If it`s not important to you whether your dog drops the ball into your hand or two meters away from you, as long as we are both having fun and he is enjoying playing fetch.
A game you should pay attention too, in case you are doing it with your dog, is tug war: if not done properly, this leads to aggressive behavior, which is something we definitely don’t want from our dogs! Playing tug is fun and it’s absolutely not wrong, but try to follow these few rules:
- Don’t play tug for an excessive amount of time and keep it fun, without being “competitive” with your dog;
- Always let your dog win! He should be the one walking away with the rug or rope at the end, not you;
- Don’t face him, play sideways instead and try to bend down, in order to play at the same level as your dog;
- Avoid this game if there are other dogs around, especially dogs you don’t know.

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