Treatment Name: Therapeutic Massage: Sports Massage

Treatment Type: Bodywork Therapies

Rated for: Siberian Husky

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Easy to use
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Very important for working dogs and sport dogs

Luca Trainer



Posted Sep. 23, 2017

Sport massages are proven to be beneficial by helping your dog loosen his muscles after a strenuous activity. Besides being beneficial, they will also give you the possibility to check on your dogs for lumps, anomalies and injuries.
Sled dogs, shepherd dogs, hunting dogs and any other dog who has a regular active life, will highly benefit from such massages. There are not to be given lighthearted though; one has to rely on the aid of a professional dog masseuse or learn the proper techniques, which require some training and skills but they are not too hard to master. Always remember that a bad massage is likely to make things worse rather than being beneficial.

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