Treatment Name: Exercise: Daily Aerobic Exercise

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: German Shepherd Dog

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Exercise Away the Crazy




Posted Sep. 28, 2017

A tired dog is a happy dog. A lot of the aggression we see in pet dogs and especially shelter dogs is really an expression of a lot of pent up energy. While all dogs require regular exercise, dogs historically bred to hunt, protect or fight are most likely to release their energy in an aggressive or destructive way if they don't have a healthy outlet. Aggressive dogs exercised until they are tired (be careful of heat stroke and make sure the vet checks that your dog's hips and elbows are up to it) are likely to keep on laying there panting while the previous subject of their aggression comes near. Any aerobic exercise is effective. If your dog has issues with hips or elbows swimming is preferable to running. If you have a heat prone dog in a hot climate, consider a treadmill indoors.

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