Treatment Name: Behavior Modification: Counterconditioning

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Border Collie

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Very effective if that barking is taking place when you are home

Caitlin Crittenden



Posted Oct. 15, 2017

Counter conditioning a dog to solve unwanted barking can be extremely effective if the causes of the barking are fear or habit. For dogs who bark because they are suspicious of the people, animals, or sounds that they hear and see, using counter conditioning to help these dogs love and not fear what they are barking at can effectively solve the barking by dealing with the root problem. It can also be very effective for breaking barking habits. Using counter conditioning to teach a dog to love a certain stimulus and to expect to receive rewards when they react calmly and quietly can effectively replace the barking habit with good habits like calm behavior. The counter conditioning teaches the dog how to feel and respond in an appropriate manner that replaces the excited or fearful barking.
Counter conditioning is often not completely effective for dogs who bark out of boredom or fun when you are not present.

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