Treatment Name: Training Skills: Puppy Socialization

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Great Pyrenees / Newfoundland Mix

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It helps, but you have to stay consistent




Reynoldsburg, Ohio, United States

Posted Mar. 8, 2019

Our dog was great with other dogs until we had our first child, and then he became somewhat mean and protective when it came to other dogs. If the baby wasn't around, he would play as usual with other dogs.
We began taking him and the baby to the dog park and giving him extra socialization several times a week. As long as we were consistent, he would lighten up as we continued to assure him that everything was okay and no one was going to hurt the baby.
However, if we went a long time without going to the park, the aggression would begin to return. So we do have to be consistent.

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