Treatment Name: Social Enrichment

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: German Shepherd Dog Mix

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Patience and repetitiveness are key




Denver, Colorado, United States

Posted Feb. 14, 2019

When I first got my dog from a rescue, he was extremely skittish with just about everyone but me. This was particularly true for men. According to the foster mom, he had been abused by previous owners and it was pretty easy to see from his reaction anytime you raised a hand or foot near him.

My philosophy from the beginning was to get him to trust people by having him meet all kinds of people in a controlled environment (my house) and get him to see that most people were friendly. Whenever someone new came over, I'd coax him over to say hi and have them give him a treat. This exposure to people slowly helped him to not immediately run away from anyone new. Eventually, I started taking him other places and slowly got him used to meeting new people. The key to all of it was patience. He didn't have complete turn around in a week or a few months or even a year. It's been slow progress through the last two years but it's so worth it to see him happily greeting people when they come over instead of cowering in a corner.

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