Treatment Name: Stress Reduction

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: Mixed Breed / Domestic

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Castle Rock, Washington, United States

Posted Feb. 10, 2019

My dog LOVES cats. Too much even. She can be pretty over bearing. She really wants to play with them and she has been around my Siamese cat since she was a puppy, so I think she thinks she IS a cat. I have fostered a few cats with her, not many, because a lot of the times she puts a lot of stress on them. I have tried to socialize the cats, and teach my dog proper manners, by trying to keep her away from them. It is difficult to try to get the dog to understand that she needs to stay away, and the cat to understand that she doesn't want to hurt them. The best thing I've done is just reducing the presence of my dog, keeping an eye on all of the animals at all times. Eventually they all got used to having each other around, the excitement kind of faded away I guess. It's a difficult process though.

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