Treatment Name: Stress Reduction

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: Thoroughbred

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Staunton, Virginia, United States

Posted Feb. 10, 2019

If your horse suddenly becomes anorexic and is not acting sick make sure to check the feed source that the horse will not eat. Make sure the hay or grain is not moldy and smalls and looks good.

Stress can be the main component in why your horse may be anorexic. If your horse is not eating and you have ruled out medical issues with your vet then it is time to look at the environment your horse is living in. Ask yourself a few questions; was the horse ever a good eater, if so what changed? If this horse is new to you or your barn ask the previous owner if this has always been an issue. If it has not how can you replicate the past environment? Is the horse depressed for some reason? Did the herd dynamic change? Did the stall or turn out your horse is in change? Did the season? Is the horse turned out with another horse at feeding time and there is competition for feed? If so the anorexic horse might be the lowest horse in the herd and run off of its feed. Switching feed to fast and/or to often might also create an eating issue.

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