Treatment Name: Stress Reduction

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: American Pit Bull Terrier

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Depression? In dogs?




Castle Rock, Washington, United States

Posted Jan. 31, 2019

My dog is extremely sensitive to everything. She became very depressed when a foster dog was adopted, when we move, when I leave her with a sitter when I go on vacation. She refuses to eat and is just not herself. In order to reduce any stress she had to help bring her mood up, I took her on walks, I introduced her to new people, even talking to her via video chat when I'm on a vacation and have to leave her. People surely think I'm nuts, but I know when my dogs depressed and I'll do what I have to to make her happy! And I swear by it. Stress reduction does help. It won't erase the problem all together, but it'll make your dogs life just a little bit easier.

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