Treatment Name: Crate Training

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Golden Retriever / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Perfect For Puppies




Laporte, Colorado, United States

Posted Jan. 30, 2019

When you get a puppy, the first initial months can be hard with excessive chewing and peeing, especially when you leave the home. Crate training keeps them from destroying the home and helps make a little "home" of their own.
A great way to teach a dog to go to their crate easily and be okay with being in it is by rewarding them whenever they go in. Then they start to get in the habit of, "okay if I go in there I'll get something tasty!"
I also would give my puppy rawhides and toys to chew on if she got bored and that helped a lot. Now, whenever she leaves the house she doesn't need to go in the crate because she's older and fully trained. Despite that, she still loves her crate, whenever there's bad storm she likes to go in there and often times I'll just find her napping in there. So not only is crate training highly beneficial for you as the owner, but it also gives the dog their own space in a way. That's all, I hope this review helped!

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