Treatment Name: Clicker Training

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

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Clicker Training Rescue Dogs




Twin Falls, Idaho, United States

Posted Jan. 29, 2019

Sadly, many rescue dogs have been abandoned, orphaned, or worse―maltreated by ignorant people. While these dogs may be shy of―or afraid of―humans at first, they do respond very well when introduced to positive reinforcement (treats, pets, and love) and to correct clicker training.

The key to correctly training a dog with a clicker is two-fold―consistency and the KISS principle. You might use one click for sit-stay, two clicks for come, and so on. It’s okay to use voice commands with the clicker. Just be sure to be consistent and keep it simple. And, a word to the wise―get yourself properly trained in how to use a clicker before setting out to train your dog.

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