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ThunderShirt Does Work...Sometimes




Twin Falls, Idaho, United States

Posted Jan. 29, 2019

One of the best dogs I’ve ever had was a Black Lab named Buddy. I rescued him from a misguided bird hunter when Buddy was about 9 months old. Buddy was my “go-everywhere-with” best bud until old age took him away one day.

The bird hunter had bought Buddy as a weaned and well-papered hunting dog. Well, as it turned out, Buddy was gun shy. Not only gun shy, but he was afraid of all sorts of loud noises. The hunter was going to shoot Buddy till I stepped in to save the dog.

Fireworks, thunder, sonic booms, and just about any loud bangs sent Buddy straight into a panic. Fourth of Julys were the absolute worst for him. Then, one winter when Buddy was about five, I put a ThunderShirt on him. He became a new dog. It was a “night and day” difference. Noises no longer scared him, in fact, he completely ignored them. Buddy was a new dog and I was thrilled. At last, I thought, here is a product that lives up to its claims. Then winter gave way to a warm, dry spring and a very hot summer. The fireworks started again and the ThunderShirt was simply too hot to wear. The old noise-panicked Buddy was back.

So, does the ThunderShirt work? YES. Does it work all of the time? NO. It is simply too hot for warm weather use. It’s a three-star product that needs more thought and work.

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