Treatment Name: Stress Reduction

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: Border Collie

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If you know your dog is stressed, he might be whining for your help




Cookeville, Tennessee, United States

Posted Jan. 26, 2019

If your dog is whining because he is anxious and overwhelmed, stress reduction is the way to go.

It can be hard to determine what is causing your dog's whining, so I find it's best to address as many common issues as possible. Regular exercise will reduce stress AND help with attention seeking whining and boredom whining. If you can identify specific stressors your dog is facing - harassment from other animals or children, fear of certain situations, physical discomfort - then address those problems to reduce stress based whining.

Dogs don't whine for no reason. You might not understand the reason, but he has a problem. Reducing his stress is one way you can try to address your dog's problems.

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