Treatment Name: Dog Muzzles

Treatment Type: Training Products

Rated for: Boxer / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Laporte, Colorado, United States

Posted Jan. 24, 2019

My family has a lot of dogs, and when there's a large amount of dogs pack mentality starts to show. That was the case for our household, and we had two females who had serious fighting issues. They were both trying to be alpha, and wouldn't stop until one was successfully beaten down. Well, we just weren't going to tolerate that.
We started training them together with leashes and muzzles.
The muzzle was amazing in protecting the females from each other and reducing the stress on us. When the muzzle was on we knew they weren't going to hurt each other, and that was very relieving.
While muzzles shouldn't be the long-term answer, they are very helpful in certain situations. If you have a dog that has aggression issues towards other dogs I would start a treatment plan to fix the problem. Part of that treatment, and possibly the first step, is buying a muzzle for the dog/s.
I hope this helped and I wish the best for you and your situation!

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