Treatment Name: Dog Clothing: Calming Jackets and Vests

Treatment Type: Behavior Modification Products

Rated for: Border Collie / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Laporte, Colorado, United States

Posted Jan. 21, 2019

We have two dogs that are extremely scared of loud noises such as gunshots, fireworks, and any loud banging type sounds. We gave them anxiety medication but it only helped slightly so we knew we needed to try something else.
At first, I thought, no way how is this going to help? By simply putting a tight piece of clothing on my dog he'll calm down and feel safe? Yup, that's exactly how it is.
I could get into the science on it but you can just do it yourself, I'll just tell you that it does, in fact, work!
My pups went from uncontrollably panting, whining, and pacing to being able to lay down and relax. They aren't fully relaxed and at ease and might still whine here and there on really bad nights like the fourth of July, but at least they are able to handle themselves. Something about the jacket makes them feel safe and it really shows. I'm not sure its effectiveness on every dog, some dog might be different, but I would highly recommend looking into one if your dog is having noise problems.
Tip: If you don't want to spend money on one you can just use an old t-shirt! Just make sure it is tight around their body.

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