Treatment Name: Stress Reduction

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Practices

Rated for: Border Collie

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Reducing stress is good, and there is a variety of ways to do so




Cookeville, Tennessee, United States

Posted Jan. 20, 2019

Reducing stress in your dog's life is a great idea all around. Stress can contribute to nuisance barking by increasing your dog's anxiety and lowering their threshold for triggers like strange sounds, sights, and uncomfortable situations.

A few things you can do to reduce stress include using a Thundershirt or other anxiety wrap, exercising your dog regularly, providing your dog with a safe place to retreat, and using positive reinforcement to build trust with your dog. Also, if you have other animals or small children, observe interactions to determine if they are causing your dog stress.

Massages, environmental enrichment, and a daily routine can all be used to reduce stress as well.

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