Treatment Name: Music Therapy

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Products

Rated for: Crested Canary

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Music (actually recordings of rainfall & storms) can help set up a breeding room




Mandeville, Louisiana, United States

Posted Jan. 20, 2019

In some bird species, breeding behavior can be stimulated by rainfall. I've used recordings of rainfall for small canaries and finches to help set a mood, and I was pleased with the result. The Zebra Finches, in particular, responded right away. I presume the wild species take advantage of the short rainy season in their native land to breed. I actually bought commercial recordings of tropical rainfall, but I suppose you could record your own thunderstorms if you wanted to.

The pair of Zebra Finches in the photo had a large planted aviary but didn't show much interest in breeding until they were exposed to regular sounds of rainfall.

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