Treatment Name: Barrel Racing Saddles

Treatment Type: Tack

Rated for: American Paint Horse

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Easy to use
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Comfortable and Versatile

Maddy Baker




Posted Dec. 31, 2018

This was the first brand new saddle I owned.
I purchased a Hilason Flex Tree barrel saddle. I don't see it listed on the website anymore, but they have similar options available currently. My mom purchased a similar saddle, still listed here:
She has used it for light riding for about seven years now, and it shows little signs of use. Our mares are half sisters and both have what I call "barrel backs." They're wider gals, so finding a saddle that fits properly is a struggle. I've learned that you can't necessarily trust a "Full Quarter Horse Bars" title on a saddle. All saddle makers built saddles a little differently, and what might be considered or built as FQHB to one might be SQHB (Semi Quarter Horse Bars) to another. Even within a saddle-making company, it's possible to find disparities between saddles.
This is why I felt the Flex-Tree saddle was a good option for me and my mare. I never experienced any problems with saddle fit when I had this saddle. My mare seemed comfortable, and I didn't have inconsistent dry and wet spots on my saddle pad.
We used this for gymkhana, trail riding, and some small local western pleasure shows. It's the most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden in. I really like the high cantle as well.

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