Baskerville Muzzle




Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

Posted Dec. 30, 2018

These muzzles are useful for dogs with aggression in that the dog is able to drink and pant with these on. They are best used under supervision or direction of a veterinarian who specializes in canine behavior or a dog trainer.

Muzzles do not prevent aggression. Muzzles do not fix aggression. What muzzles can do is allow a dog with behavioral problems to receive the training to address their issues safely. That does not mean that an owner should strap a muzzle on and allow the dog to be placed in situations which are too stressful, or beyond what the animal can emotionally handle. Ex. If the dog is aggressive to a certain type of dog, (ex. a big dog who chases and is aggressive to smaller breeds) the owner should not put a muzzle on, take the dog to the dog park and allow the behavior to continue. A muzzle would be helpful here if the owner was working with a veterinary behaviorist or dog trainer and had been working on exercises to redirect the dog's aggression. In such a case, if enough progress was made, a muzzle could be a safety precaution at the dog park once the professionals who are working with the owner think the dog is ready for such an experience.

Muzzles should never be left on for long periods of time, or without direct supervision. They should also be carefully introduced to the dog and never used as a punishment.

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