Treatment Name: Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)

Treatment Type: Natural Health Products

Rated for: Mixed Breed / Domestic

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Easy to use
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It doesn't completely stop him, but it slows him down




Huntington, West Virginia, United States

Posted Dec. 30, 2018

Right now we're having a bit of a problem with my male cat, Alphonse. He keeps chasing our female cat, Angelica around and beating her up. He's taken to bullying her out of the food bowls, as well. I use aromatherapy oils a lot. I have an essential oil warmer in a couple of rooms here. He likes the way they smell, and he'll chill out for a little bit. Sometimes he even goes to sleep. But, the peace doesn't last for long when I use only this method. I feel like it's more effective when I give him one of his calming treats with the tryptophan in it and put on calming music, as well.

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