Treatment Name: Prozac etc. (fluoxetine)

Treatment Type: Medications

Rated for: American Shorthair

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Crazy meds for a crazy cat!!




York, South Carolina, United States

Posted Dec. 13, 2018

First off let me tell you a little about Carlton.... he's crazy!! For the longest time this cat would not even step out of his cage on to the floor (think of it as the floor was lava..) He has anxiety around other cats/dogs/humans... His biggest issue is his peeing. When he is feeling stress he will pee in his bed, outside of his litter box, outside of his cage, spray on whoever/whatever is close by. We tried going about it with no meds for the longest time. But we finally decided (after making sure there was nothing wrong with his bladder/kidneys) that he was crazy and needed some strong medicine. We tried the pill form of Prozac first, but he hated the taste of it, and would sneak and think he ate it in reality he would just wait for you to turn around and spit it out. We tried hiding it in his food but that didn't help either. He would just eat around the pill. We then got the pill put into a liquid form, but the taste of it made him foam and drool so bad he looked like he had rabies. We searched for different meds or different forms and finally realized they could make it into a cream that you put into the cats ear, you put it on the inside up near the top where its "hairless" part and rub it in. You need to use gloves while applying the medicine so it doesn't absorb into your own skin. This method works great for crazy pants Carlton. It has helped him a lot where he no longer feels so scared. He now gets down on the floor sometimes, and can stand some of the other cats. He prefers to be left alone on top of his cage but he has stopped peeing in his bed (90% of the time!)

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